New MGM Termelő Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság
MGM Bearings

Our motto

Napról napra többet, jobbat...
Day by day much more, much better...

Our company

MGMMagyar Gördülőcsapágy Művek, in direct translation: Hungarian Bearing Works; has been a national manufacturing and repairing plant for tapered bearings since 1950. Being a state owned company it has been denationalized in 1996. After some changes of ownership it settled down under the name New MGM Co.Ltd. in 2007.

Our products

Our products are widely used from automotive industry through agricultural machinery to home appliances. We export 70% of our bearings, mainly to Western Europe, where our products are sold to world class OEMs. Our traditions in the field of production and technical-technological development drive us to meet the market challenges through continuous improvement of our products. Our commitment to excelent quality and better service to our customers is proved by the fact that our company updated to ISO 9001 certification and also the ISO/TS 16949. The most important resource of our company is the experience gained throughout the decades. Following the philosophy of the URB Group, we pursue to provide an environment for our members where our common goals can completely be achieved.

Our customers

Our most important customers in the bigger part of the world are:

  • Manufacturers of gearboxes for public vehicles, trucks and off-road vehicles.
  • Axle manufacturers (mostly of buses, tracks and off-road vehicles in non-driven axles).
  • Producers of agricultural machineries.

Nevertheless it goes without saying that our company delivers bearings of other fields of applications, too.The dominant number of the customers (above 90%) is direct end user (OEM-customer), for this reason the permanent living contact with customers is of high priority. In the frame of this activity MGM takes part in the planning of the bearing supports, in the coordination of the area bearings built in , that of the requirements of operation and bearing characteristics, as well as in giving technical advice. Packing methods optimally meet the protection of goods and environment as well as the economic targets. Thanks to all this and the outstanding quality, the due-time deliveries following the customer's requirements numerous firms of the world, well-known and having production basis in several continents belong to our circle of customers.