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Historical Retrospection

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Year Information
1950 Foundation of the "National Company for the Repair of Bearings" in Diósd
1952 Foundation of the "Rolling Bearing Factory" in Debrecen mainly for the manufacturing of ball bearings of brand name "GD"
1952 Foundation of the "Diósd Bearing Factory" in the place of the "National Company for the Repair of Bearings" specifically for the production of tapered roller bearings of brand name DCS
1963 Foundation of the "Hungarian Bearing Works" (MGM) by merging the two factories with the head office in Debrecen. The brand name became MGM Radax
1973-1979 Execution of the reconstruction of the whole company with the aim of modernizing the products, widening the product range, raising production capacities and improving efficiency at both of the plants
1993 Transformation of the company to a state owned share holding company
1996 Privatization of the company by DAEWOO Corp./Korea changing the brand name simultaneously to DAEWOO MGM
2001 Beginning of the rationalization recenly in the interest of improving quality and increasing efficiency. During this time the main activities were concentrated at the Diósd plant and the management of the company settled in Diósd.
2003 In July, Hanwha Machinery Co., Ltd./Korea became the Main Shareholder of the Company.
2004 Connected with the change of structure of shareholders the company's name and brand name were changed to MGM Co.Ltd. and a completly new logo was introduced.
2007 From lst of June 2007, the Diósd factory was sold out. Because of that reason the ownership has been changed as well. The new owners were RULMENTI S.A. Barlad and Turkish shareholders. The new name of the company became New MGM Co.Ltd.